Plush-crested Jay

About the Plush-crested Jay
Also known as: Band-tailed Jay, Urraca Jay, Plush-capped Jay

The Plush-crested Jay is a striking bird native to South America, particularly in regions like Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay, and Bolivia. This jay is easily recognizable by its vibrant blue and black plumage, with a unique, plush-like crest atop its head. The bird’s throat and upper breast are black, while its underparts are white, creating a beautiful contrast.

Known for their intelligence and curiosity, Plush-crested Jays are social birds that live in groups. They are highly vocal, communicating with a variety of calls and even mimicking other sounds in their environment. These jays are playful and often engage in interactive behaviors with each other, showcasing their complex social structures.

Plush-crested Jays inhabit forests, woodlands, and savannas, preferring areas with dense foliage where they can forage and nest. They build their nests in trees using twigs and leaves, creating a secure environment for raising their young.

As omnivores, these jays have a varied diet that includes fruits, seeds, insects, and small vertebrates. Their adaptability in feeding helps them thrive in different habitats. 

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