Plush-crested Jay

About the Plush-crested Jay
Also known as: Band-tailed Jay, Urraca Jay, Plush-capped Jay
Plush-crested Jay

The Plush-crested Jay is a species of corvid found in parts of South America. This striking species gets its name from the stiff feathers on its head which give it a luxurious pompadour look.

Plush-crested Jays feed by foraging, taking small invertebrate prey as well as vegetable matter like fruits and seeds. They will also plunder nests for eggs or nestlings. They are opportunistic feeders, also known to forage food scraps around human habitation and take varied prey items like small frogs and insects.

The Plush-crested Jay is also known as the Urraca Jay. Urraca is the Spanish word for magpie and may be derived from the Latin word for "thievish." 

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