Eurasian Golden Oriole

About the Eurasian Golden Oriole
Also known as: Golden Oriole, European Golden Oriole

The Eurasian Golden Oriole is a pretty species in the oriole family that lives across a wide range in parts of Europe, Asia, and Africa. During breeding season they are usually found in forest-type habitat, including developed sites like parks, orchards, and plantations. These birds are migratory, spending the winter across parts of Africa.

Male Eurasian Golden Orioles have a striking plumage of golden yellow and black. Females and juvenile birds have a duller plumage of yellow-green contrasting with olive-brown. Their song is a melodious yodel that finishes on a descending hollow note.

Eurasian Golden Orioles feed mainly on insects and fruit. They may also take small mammals like mice as prey.

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