Red-bellied Macaw

About the Red-bellied Macaw
Also known as: Orthopsittaca manilatus
Red-bellied Macaw

The Red-bellied Macaw is a medium-sized parrot with distinctive green plumage that provides excellent camouflage in its forest habitat. As its name suggests, the bird features a unique reddish patch on its belly, contrasting with the bright green. Its face is bare mustard yellow skin.

This macaw inhabits the tropical rainforests of the Amazon basin, where they are particularly fond of palm swamps and areas with abundant palm trees. The Red-bellied Macaw's diet is specialized; it mainly feeds on the fruits and seeds of two types of palms. These foods are 100% carbohydrates and 0% fat! The macaw's strong beak is perfectly adapted to cracking open these tough nuts to access the nutritious kernels inside.

In breeding season, Red-bellied Macaws continue to rely on palms trees; they nest almost exclusively in cavities of dead moriche palm trees.

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