Red-billed Streamertail

About the Red-billed Streamertail
Also known as: Doctor Bird, Scissor-tail Hummingbird

The Red-billed Streamertail is a spectacular hummingbird endemic to Jamaica. It is famous for its striking appearance, featuring a bright red bill and elongated tail feathers in males, which stream behind them like delicate ribbons. The plumage is iridescent green, making it a vibrant sight among the flowers it frequents.

These birds inhabit a range of environments across Jamaica, including forests, gardens, and plantations. They are highly adaptable and are often seen in both rural and urban areas. The Red-billed Streamertail plays a crucial role in pollination, feeding on nectar from a variety of flowering plants. In addition to nectar, they consume small insects and spiders to supplement their diet.

The Red-billed Streamertail is known for its acrobatic flight patterns, especially during courtship displays where males perform elaborate aerial maneuvers to attract females. The flying moves include tail-waving and hovering -- all to display their magnificent tail feathers.

The Red-billed Streamertail is a symbol of Jamaica and holds cultural significance on the island. 

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