Red-headed Vulture

About the Red-headed Vulture
Also known as: Asian King Vulture, Indian Black Vulture, Pondicherry Vulture, King Vulture

The Red-headed Vulture is an Old World species of vulture that lives in parts of Asia, including much of India. The species is also known as the Asian King Vulture, Indian Black Vulture, or Pondicherry Vulture.

Red-headed Vultures have distinctive plumage of black with white patches on the sides of the breast. Their bare heads are red, as are their legs and feet. They have loose skin folds on the sides of the neck.

Asian vultures like the Red-headed face several threats to their survival. These include changes in livestock management and farming practices, secondary poisoning, and accidental trapping. The Red-headed Vulture is critically endangered.

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