Red-legged Seriema

About the Red-legged Seriema
Also known as: Crested Seriema, Crested Cariama

Red-legged Seriemas are grassland birds that live in parts of South America. They have a mostly brownish-grey plumage, and a tail banded in black and white. There is a crest of feathers around the base of the bill.

Red-legged Seriemas have a loud song that sounds like a puppy barking. The song is often performed as a duet and is also sung by juvenile birds.

Red-legged Seriemas are omnivorous. They hunt for prey on foot, taking insects, frogs, small mammals, and other small prey items. They use a special technique to kill or incapacitate prey items - they hurl the animal on the ground to deliver a killing blow. Red-legged Seriemas also eat plant material including fruit and seeds.

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