Slender-billed Vulture

About the Slender-billed Vulture
Also known as: Indian Long-billed Vulture, Long-billed Vulture, Himalayan Long-billed Vulture
Slender-billed Vulture

The Slender-billed Vulture is a critically endangered species of Old World vulture that lives in parts of Asia, including parts of India, Nepal, and Bangladesh. Slender-billed Vultures are closely related to Indian Vultures; together they were formerly considered to be one species, called the Long-billed Vulture.

Slender-billed Vultures are relatively thin-bodied, with a dark, long, and narrow neck. Its bald head is also very dark, including the skin that leads up to its equally dark beak. The body plumage is made up of shades of brown

According to the IUCN Red List, there may be just 3750 individuals in the wild Slender-billed Vulture population. The species faces numerous threats, including (secondary) poisoning and changes to livestock management throughout its range.

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The Slender-billed Vulture is listed as Critically Endangered on the IUCN Red List and was last assessed in 2015 by BirdLife International. This species is classified as Critically Endangered because it has suffered an extremely rapid population decline, particularly across the Indian subcontinent, largely as a result of feeding on carcasses of animals treated with the veterinary drug diclofenac, perhaps in combination with other causes.

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