Striated Caracara

About the Striated Caracara
Also known as: Johnny Rook, Forest's Caracara, Forster's Caracara

The Striated Caracara, often called the "Johnny Rook," is a bird of prey with a rugged and distinctive appearance. It has a dark brownish-black body, with bold streaks of white on the throat and at the base of its tail. The face is notably bare with a reddish patch of skin around the eyes, adding to its fierce look.

This species is primarily found in the Falkland Islands, though smaller populations exist on islands off the southern tip of South America. The Striated Caracara prefers coastal regions, particularly rocky shorelines and cliffs where it can easily access seabird colonies.

Known for its intelligence and curiosity, the Striated Caracara is unusually bold and can be quite fearless around humans. It feeds on a wide range of items from carrion and discarded fish to stealing eggs and young from seabird nests. Its diet flexibility and opportunistic feeding habits are key to surviving in its harsh, isolated habitat.

During breeding season, these caracaras nest on the ground or on cliff ledges, where they lay up to four eggs. Their nests are often lined with wool and grass, which they collect from their surroundings. The Striated Caracara is considered near-threatened, mainly due to its limited range and the potential for human disturbance at nesting sites.

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