Ridgway's Hawk

About the Ridgway's Hawk
Also known as: Hispaniolan Hawk

The Ridgway's Hawk is a species of raptor historically found on the island of Hispaniola and other nearby islands. The range has shrunk in modern time, with most of the breeding population found in the Los Haitises National Park of the Dominican Republic.

Ridgway's Hawks are found in a variety of habitats, including areas by human developments. They hunt mainly from a perched position and dine on a variety of prey items including snakes, skinks, frogs, and other birds. The Ridgway's Hawk is a very vocal species - often the birds are heard before they are seen.

The global population of the Ridgway's Hawk is in decline, and the species has a conservation status of Critically Endangered as of August 2014. Although they are found in a variety of habitats, they prefer to nest in hardwood trees and palm trees. As these trees disappear from their range, so does their ability to reproduce.

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