Philippine Eagle

About the Philippine Eagle
Also known as: Monkey-eating Eagle, Great Philippine Eagle, Philippine Monkey-eating Eagle
Philippine Eagle

The Philippine Eagle, a majestic and formidable raptor, is endemic to the Philippines and stands as one of the largest eagle species in the world. Known also as the Monkey-eating Eagle, this bird is revered for its impressive size and powerful presence in its natural habitat.

Sporting a distinctive appearance, the Philippine Eagle is adorned with a long, shaggy crest of light brown feathers around its nape and crown, reminiscent of a lion's mane. This feature adds to its regal bearing and is a key identifier of the species. The eagle's plumage exhibits a stark contrast between the dark brown back and the whitish underparts, creating a striking visual. Adding to their formidable nature, Philippine Eagles possess extremely powerful feet equipped with sharp talons, essential for hunting and securing their prey.

Tragically, the Philippine Eagle is critically endangered. It faces numerous threats, primarily from habitat loss due to widespread deforestation. Illegal poaching, along with habitat degradation caused by pollution and pesticide use, further exacerbates the challenges to their survival. These threats have significantly reduced their population, making conservation efforts vital for their continued existence.

As the national bird of the Philippines, the Philippine Eagle holds a special place in the cultural and natural heritage of the country. Its survival is not just a matter of national pride, but also of ecological importance, as it plays a crucial role in maintaining the balance of its ecosystem.

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