Superb Fairywren

About the Superb Fairywren
Also known as: Australian Fairywren, Blue Wren, Blue Fairywren, Superb Blue-Wren
Superb Fairywren

The Superb Fairywren is a beautiful small species of songbird found in southeast Australia. Males have remarkable breeding plumage and differ greatly from females of the species. They are also known as Blue Wrens or Australian Fairywrens.

Breeding male Superb Fairywrens have pretty iridescent blue at the crown, cheek, and upper back. This contrasts with black and brownish-grey elsewhere on the body. Females and non-breeding males are a dull fawn in color, as are immature birds of both sexes.

Superb Fairywrens feed on insects as well as plant material like seeds and fruit. The diet consists mostly of insects when they are available, and includes ants, grasshoppers, and weevils.

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