Winter Wren

About the Winter Wren
Winter Wren

The Winter Wren is a small species in the wren family that is found across eastern and central parts of North America. In the early 2010s, the species was split, taxonomically, from the Pacific Wren of western North America and the Eurasian Wren of the Old World. Not all naming authorities recognize this split.

Winter Wrens feed by foraging for small invertebrates on the ground. These small brown birds blend in well with the ground cover and fallen logs found on forest floors.

Prior to breeding, male birds build nests in order to court mates. When the female bird is ready to lay eggs, she lines the chosen nest as the final step in the nest-building process. Typically the clutch size is 5 to 7 eggs. Incubation lasts around 16 days and the chicks fledge after about 17 days.

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