Wilson's Warbler

About the Wilson's Warbler
Also known as: Blackcap, Black-capped Warbler, Pileolated Warbler, Wilson's Flycatcher
Wilson's Warbler

The Wilson's Warbler is a small bird of the warbler family. Males of the species can be recognized by the black cap they sport. Females have a lighter crown patch or none at all. Both sexes have similar body plumage: yellow underparts and olive-green upperparts.

The Wilson's Warbler is named for the ornithologist who discovered the species for science in 1811: Alexander Wilson.

Wilson's Warblers feed on insects gleaned from foliage. They might also catch bugs in the air, like flycatchers do.

Wilson's Warblers breed in shrub thickets and other habitats across northern Canada and the northwestern United States. They are ground nesters, with an average clutch size of 2 to 7 eggs.

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