Trumpeter Swan

About the Trumpeter Swan
Also known as: Bugler Swan
Trumpeter Swan

The Trumpeter Swan is a very large species of waterfowl found across northern parts of North America. In fact, it is the largest species of waterfowl and the heaviest native North American bird species. The Trumpeter Swan is named for its distinctive trumpeting call.

Adult Trumpeter Swans have an all-white plumage. The head and neck may have a yellow or reddish tint from dabble-feeding in water rich in iron. The all-black bill may show some pink lining at the opening.

Trumpeter Swans feed by foraging for food under the surface of water (dabbling), and by grazing on grasses and grains. They are mainly herbivorous. Juvenile swans, called cygnets, occasionally feed on aquatic invertebrates and small fish.

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