White-fronted Chat

About the White-fronted Chat
Also known as: Nunbird, White-faced Chat

The White-fronted Chat is a small and distinctive bird native to southern Australia. The species is known for its striking appearance and interesting habitat preferences.

The White-fronted Chat stands out with its contrasting coloration. The males have a striking white face surrounded by a black bib, rear crown, and hindneck, with a light grey and dark brown body plumage. Females are less vivid, with more subdued grey-brown tones, but they still share the characteristic white front that gives this species its name.

The White-fronted Chat has a preference for living in open, treeless areas, often found in grasslands and low shrub habitats. They non-migratory, staying within their range year-round.

White-fronted Chats are primarily insectivores. They feed on a variety of insects and arthropods, which they find while foraging on the ground, and occasionally from shallow water.

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