Yellow-billed Cuckoo

About the Yellow-billed Cuckoo
Also known as: Rain Crow, Storm Crow
The Yellow-billed Cuckoo is a species of New World cuckoo. These migratory birds breed across much of the eastern United States as well as across the Caribbean and parts of Central America. They spend the winter across much of South America.

Yellow-billed Cuckoos feed on a variety of food items, though they might be considered lepitopterians, because caterpillars are at the top of their list. Tent caterpillars are particular favorites for the Yellow-billed Cuckoo.

Yellow-billed Cuckoos build a platform nest in a tree or shrub when it's time to breed. Both adults participate in incubation from the onset of laying, which results in asynchronous hatching. Eventual fledging may therefore occur over several days.
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