African Pygmy Falcon

About the African Pygmy Falcon
Also known as: Pygmy Falcon, African Falcon, South African Pygmy Falcon

The African Pygmy Falcon is the smallest raptor on the African continent, measuring just about 20 centimeters in length. It sports a striking appearance with a pale gray and white plumage; males have a white underbelly, while females feature a rusty color between their wings. This tiny falcon has a distinctive white face with a black eye stripe and crown, which adds to its charismatic appeal.

Adapted to the arid and semi-arid regions of Eastern and Southern Africa, the African Pygmy Falcon primarily inhabits savannahs and dry bush. It relies on the presence of large sociable weaver nests, where it not only seeks shelter but also preys on the weavers and other small birds, insects, and reptiles.

Remarkably, these falcons are known to cohabit peacefully with weaver colonies. They occupy vacant chambers in the large communal nests built by the weavers, providing a unique example of an interspecies relationship. This arrangement offers the falcons a ready supply of food and a secure nesting site, while their presence can deter some predators from raiding the weaver nests.

Despite their small size, African Pygmy Falcons are territorial and can be quite feisty when defending their nesting areas. Their diminutive stature belies their boldness and efficiency as predators.

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