Steller's Sea Eagle

About the Steller's Sea Eagle
Also known as: Pacific Eagle, White-shouldered Eagle, Kamchatkan Sea Eagle, Steller's Fish Eagle

The Steller's Sea Eagle is a very large bird of prey found in coastal parts of northeastern Asia. It is among the heaviest eagle species in the world, along with the Harpy Eagle and the Philippine Eagle. As is common with birds of prey, female Steller's Sea Eagles weigh more than males. A large female may be as heavy as almost 21 lbs!

Native to the coastal northeastern Asian regions, particularly Russia and Japan, Steller's Sea Eagles are primarily found near rivers and coastal areas where they feed mainly on fish and water birds. During the harsh winters, they may migrate to the southern parts of Korea and Japan in search of open waters.

These eagles prefer solitary or paired life except during migration or in particularly abundant feeding areas. They are known for their strong territorial instincts, especially around their nesting sites which are typically located in tall trees or on cliff edges.

Conservation concerns for Steller's Sea Eagles include habitat degradation and the impacts of overfishing and water pollution on their food sources. Efforts to protect their habitats are crucial for ensuring their survival, as their presence is a key indicator of the health of their ecosystem.

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