Steller's Jay

About the Steller's Jay

The Steller's Jay is a striking bird known for its vibrant blue and black plumage. Its body and wings are a deep blue, while its head, crest, and upper body are black. This bird's bold appearance is complemented by a long, bushy crest that it can raise or lower. The Steller's Jay also has white or blue streaks on its forehead and throat, adding to its distinctive look.

These jays are highly intelligent and curious. They are skilled mimics, often imitating the calls of other birds and even animals like squirrels. Steller's Jays are social and noisy, frequently seen in pairs or small groups. Their vocalizations include a wide range of sounds, from harsh calls to softer whistles.

Steller's Jays inhabit coniferous and mixed forests in western North America, from Alaska to Nicaragua. They are often found at higher elevations but can adapt to various environments, including suburban areas. They build their nests in trees, using twigs, moss, and leaves.

As omnivores, Steller's Jays have a varied diet that includes insects, seeds, nuts, fruits, and small animals. They are also known to raid bird feeders and picnic areas for scraps. 

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