Carrion Crow

About the Carrion Crow

The Carrion Crow is a sleek, all-black bird with a glossy plumage and sharp intelligence. Its beak is strong and slightly curved, perfect for scavenging. The crow’s dark feathers often have a greenish or bluish sheen in sunlight, giving it a striking appearance. With dark eyes and a robust build, the Carrion Crow is both agile and powerful in flight.

Carrion Crows are highly intelligent and resourceful birds. They are excellent problem solvers and have been observed using tools to access food. These crows are also very social, often seen in pairs or small groups. They communicate with a variety of calls, including a distinctive “caw” that can be heard over long distances.

The Carrion Crow is native to western and central Europe as well as eastern Asia. The separation of these two populations is believed to have taken place during the last ice age, with the closely allied Hooded Crow filling the gap between.

These adaptable birds thrive in diverse habitats, from forests and farmlands to urban areas. They are opportunistic feeders, eating everything from carrion and insects to seeds and human leftovers. This flexibility in diet allows them to survive in a wide range of environments. Carrion Crows build their nests in tall trees or on man-made structures, using twigs and other materials.

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