Hooded Crow

About the Hooded Crow
Also known as: Scotch Crow, Danish Crow, Grey Crow, Hoodiecrow

The Hooded Crow is a striking bird with a distinctive two-toned plumage. Its head, throat, wings, and tail are black, contrasting sharply with its pale gray body. This color pattern makes the Hooded Crow easy to identify. It has a stout, black beak and dark, intelligent eyes.

Hooded Crows are known for their adaptability and intelligence. They are skilled problem-solvers and have been observed using tools and displaying playful behaviors. These crows are also very vocal, communicating with a variety of caws and calls. They often engage in social interactions and can be seen in pairs or small groups.

These birds inhabit a wide range of environments, including coastal areas, farmlands, and urban settings. They build their nests in trees, on cliffs, or on buildings, showcasing their adaptability to human-altered landscapes. Hooded Crows are omnivorous, feeding on insects, small animals, seeds, and human scraps. Their diet flexibility helps them thrive in diverse conditions.

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