Canada Jay

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Also known as: Whiskey Jack, Grey Jay, Gray Jay, Alaska Jay, Alberta Jay, Camp Robber, Grease Bird, Labrador Jay, Moose Bird, Rocky Mountain Jay, Venison Heron, White-headed Jay
Canada Jay

The Canada Jay is a particularly cute species of corvid that lives across northern parts of North America. The corvid family includes other jays, as well as crows and ravens. Corvids are known for their high intelligence. The Canada Jay has changed its name a couple of times in popular taxonomies. In 2018 many classification systems changed the name from Gray Jay to Canada Jay. The species had been known as the Canada Jay in the past.

Canada Jays are non-migratory; they live year-round in northern boreal forests and into sub-alpine mountainous habitat into the Rocky Mountains.

Canada Jays are omnivorous, opportunistic feeders. They forage on plant materials like nuts, but will also eat nestlings or eggs from other birds, as well as scavenging carrion and around garbage dumps. They also cache food for later consumption.

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