Australian King-Parrot

About the Australian King-Parrot
Also known as: Blood Rosella, King Lory, King Parrot, King Parakeet, Spud Parrot
The Australian King-Parrot is a species of parrot found in far eastern parts of Australia. The pretty and colorful bird is endemic to the country of Australia.

Australian King-Parrots feed mostly on fruits, nuts, berries, flowers, and seeds. These birds are popular in the pet trade, and do well on a high quality diet of fresh fruit and commerical seed and pellet mixes.

Australian King-Parrots are strongly sexually dimorphic. Males, like our Birdorable version, have red feathers on the head and chest. They have blue-green feathers elsewhere. Females are green on the head, back and chest, with red feathers at the belly and blue at the rump. Males and females have a similar color palette but the arrangement is different!
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