Black-throated Finch

About the Black-throated Finch
Also known as: Parson Finch, Black-rumped Finch, Black-throated Grassfinch, Diggles's Finch
Black-throated Finch

The Black-throated Finch is a species of small songbird found in northeastern Australia. They are also known as Parson Finches.

Black-throated Finches feed on grass seeds and other plant seeds. They also take small prey items, like termites, especially during breeding season. They are fairly social and will often feed in groups of 30 or more birds; outside of breeding season, feeding flocks may be much larger.

The overall population trend for the Black-throated Finch is decreasing, in certain areas more than others. The decline is not rapid and as of October 2014 the conservation status for the species remains Least Concern.

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