Hoary Redpoll

About the Hoary Redpoll
Also known as: Arctic Redpoll, Coue's Redpoll, Greenland Redpoll, Hornemann's Redpoll, Pale Redpoll, Tundra Redpoll

The Hoary Redpoll, known as the Arctic Redpoll outside of North America, is a small finch named for the patch of red feathers on its crown.

Hoary Redpolls breed in the far north, in tundra forest across North America and Eurasia. They are similar in appearance and behavior to the Common Redpoll, though the Hoary is lighter overall and sports a slightly smaller bill.

Because they live in a cold and exposed environment, Hoary Redpolls have extra feathers on their bodies to provide extra insulation. These extra feathers, when fluffed out, give Hoary Redpolls an especially plump appearance.

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