Blue-gray Tanager

About the Blue-gray Tanager
Also known as: Blue-grey Tanager, Blue Tanager
Blue-gray Tanager
The Blue-gray Tanager is a pretty little songbird found across parts of Central and northern South America. Aptly named, these tanagers have a pale blue and gray plumage, with darker blue wings and a pretty silver grey beak. The name for the Blue-gray Tanager in Trinidad and Tobago is "blue jean".

There are at least 14 subspecies of Blue-gray Tanager, with differences in plumage vibrancy and the presence of a shoulder patch in various colors being a notable field difference.

Blue-gray Tanagers are found in a variety of habitat types, including open woodland forest, parks and gardens, sparsely treed savannas, and more. They feed on a diet of fruits supplemented with insects.
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