Paradise Tanager

About the Paradise Tanager

The Paradise Tanager is a medium-sized songbird known for its spectacularly vibrant plumage, a true gem of the bird world. These birds are primarily found in the humid tropical and subtropical forests of the western and northern Amazon Basin in South America, where they flit through the treetops, adding a burst of color to the verdant landscape.

Characterized by a striking combination of colors, Paradise Tanagers have a distinctive light green head that seamlessly transitions into sky blue underparts. Their upper bodies are cloaked in an elegant black, creating a beautiful contrast. Depending on the subspecies, the rump of these birds can vary in color, adding to their visual allure.

In the wild, Paradise Tanagers lead an arboreal lifestyle, primarily foraging in the upper canopy of the forest. Their diet is a mix of fruits and insects, allowing them to play a crucial role in their ecosystem, both as seed dispersers and as controllers of insect populations.

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