Fire-tufted Barbet

About the Fire-tufted Barbet

The Fire-tufted Barbet, a striking bird native to the montane forests of Sumatra and the Malay Peninsula, boasts a vibrant plumage. Its name derives from the fiery orange tuft on its forehead, contrasting with its primarily green body and yellowish-orange throat. The face features a black band separating the throat from the head, adding to its distinct appearance.

These barbets are known for their robust, fruit-dominated diet, but they also consume insects occasionally. They exhibit frugivorous behavior, playing a vital role in forest regeneration through seed dispersal. The Fire-tufted Barbet is a cavity nester, often found in large, mixed-species flocks, communicating with a range of calls that include loud, melodious notes.

Preferring the cooler, higher elevations above 1000 meters, these birds inhabit dense, humid forests where their calls resonate. Despite their vibrant presence, they are often heard more than seen due to their preference for the high canopy.

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