Gold-ringed Tanager

About the Gold-ringed Tanager
Also known as: Golden-ringed Tanager

The Gold-ringed Tanager, an exquisite and rare species of tanager found primarily in the humid montane forests of the Western Andes in Colombia. Its most distinctive feature is the bright yellow ring around its eye, giving it its name. The bird's plumage is predominantly green with a dark blue cap and back. The belly and vent areas are yellow, creating a vibrant contrast with the rest of its body.

These tanagers are usually seen in pairs or small family groups, often foraging for insects, fruit, and nectar in the mid-levels of the forest. They are active and energetic, hopping from branch to branch, sometimes hovering briefly to pluck food from foliage.

The Gold-ringed Tanager inhabits elevations between 1,500 and 2,200 meters, favoring the dense undergrowth and edges of primary and secondary forests. This habitat preference makes them particularly vulnerable to deforestation and habitat fragmentation.

Sadly, the Gold-ringed Tanager is considered endangered due to its restricted range and the ongoing destruction of its habitat. Conservation efforts are crucial to protect the remaining forest areas and ensure the survival of this beautiful bird.

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