Green Heron

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Also known as: Little Green Heron, Green-backed Heron, Poke, Chucklehead, Chalkline, Fly-up-the-creek

The Green Heron is a small, stocky bird. It has a dark, glossy green back and wings, with a rich chestnut body and neck. Its head is crowned with a dark cap, and it has a short, yellow bill. During breeding season, adults display vibrant colors with the addition of a black crest.

Green Herons are known for their unique hunting behavior. They are often seen standing still at the water's edge, waiting patiently to ambush prey. Remarkably, they sometimes use tools, such as dropping insects or feathers onto the water's surface to attract fish. This behavior showcases their intelligence and adaptability.

These herons inhabit wetlands, marshes, and wooded streams across North and Central America. They prefer secluded, vegetated areas where they can hunt and nest with minimal disturbance. Green Herons are migratory, spending winters in Central America and returning to North America for the breeding season.

Despite being relatively common, Green Herons are sometimes overlooked due to their secretive nature. They are mostly active during dawn and dusk, making them less visible to casual observers. Conservation efforts focus on protecting their wetland habitats from development and pollution to ensure their populations remain stable.

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