Least Bittern

About the Least Bittern
Also known as: Cory's Bittern, Cory's Least Bittern

The Least Bittern is one of the smallest herons, boasting a striking yet cryptic appearance. Adults have a buffy tan body with dark brown and black streaks on their back and wings. Their underparts are light, and they have a long neck and yellow bill. Males are slightly more colorful, with richer chestnut hues and darker wings compared to females.

These tiny herons are masters of camouflage, often seen clinging to reeds and cattails in dense marshes. They hunt by slowly stalking their prey or waiting motionless before striking quickly. Their diet consists of small fish, insects, and amphibians.

Least Bitterns inhabit freshwater and brackish marshes across North and South America. They prefer areas with dense vegetation, where they can hide and hunt efficiently. Despite their elusive nature, their distinctive "coo-coo-coo" call often reveals their presence.

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