Grey Crowned-Crane

About the Grey Crowned-Crane
Also known as: Crowned Crane, Blue-necked Crane, Blue-necked Crowned-Crane, Gray Crane, Gray Crowned Crane, Northern Crowned Crane, Royal Crane, Royal Crowned-Crane, South African Crowned Crane, Southern Crowned Crane
Grey Crowned-Crane

The Grey Crowned-Crane is a non-migratory species of crane found in parts of Africa. They reside in eastern Africa down into South Africa.

Grey Crowned-Cranes are named for their predominately dark grey body plumage, and for the elaborate crown of stiff golden feathers on their heads.

Grey Crowned-Cranes are omnivorous, feeding on snakes, fish, frogs, seeds, grains, and other food items. Along with the Black Crowned-Crane, this species has an elongated rear toe which allows it to roost in trees. They are the only cranes with this ability.

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