Green-winged Macaw

About the Green-winged Macaw
Also known as: Red-and-green Macaw

The Green-winged Macaw, also known as the Red-and-green Macaw, is a large, vibrant bird primarily adorned with rich scarlet feathers. This macaw's standout feature is its vivid green wings, which contrast strikingly against its predominantly red body. Additional color details include a blue rump and tail feathers that are tipped in blue. Its face features distinct lines of small red feathers on white skin, adding to its striking appearance.

Found in the dense rainforests and woodlands across northern and central South America, Green-winged Macaws favor areas abundant in rivers and large trees. They are highly social and often spotted in flocks, especially around clay licks where they consume mineral-rich soil to detoxify their diet of seeds and fruits.

These birds have a strong, curved beak that is incredibly powerful, capable of cracking nuts and seeds with ease. Their diet mainly consists of fruits, nuts, and seeds, but they occasionally eat insects and snails.

Despite being less targeted by the pet trade than their close relatives, habitat destruction poses a significant threat to their populations. Conservation efforts are critical to safeguard their natural environments and ensure their survival.

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