Hawaiian Goose

About the Hawaiian Goose
Also known as: Nēnē, Hawaiian Goose

The Nene, or Hawaiian Goose, is species of waterfowl endemic to Hawaii. Today these geese are naturally found on the islands of Maui, Kaua'i and the Big Island.

The Nēnē is the state bird of Hawaii. Unfortunately, the species is in trouble, and its threatened conservation status makes it among the most rare species of goose found on Earth. In 2012, there are about 800 Nene living in the wild, plus another 1000 in captivity. Hawaiian Geese breed successfully in captivity; breeding programs were instrumental in saving this species from extinction when the population was at an all-time low of 30 birds in the early 1950's.

Males and females share similar plumage, though males are about 10% larger than females. Nēnē have dark heads and grey bodies; the dark striping on their buffy necks is distinctive.

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