Lesser Flamingo

About the Lesser Flamingo

The Lesser Flamingo is the smallest type of flamingo out of the six global species. It is found in parts of Africa and India (the populations are separate).

Lesser Flamingos are usually associated with very highly alkaline bodies of water, from which they feed on a specific kind of algae.

Lesser Flamingos are considered to be Near Threatened. They are the most numerous species of flamingo, yet their population is trending downward and they face threats to their few major breeding wetland sites.
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Details & Statistics

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Hatched on 18 April 2018
Scientific Name
  • Phoenicopteriformes
  • Phoenicopteridae
  • Phoeniconaias
  • P. minor
Birdorable Family
Units: Imperial / Metric
31 to 35 inches
35 to 41 inches
42 to 95 ounces


International Names

Chinese 小红鹳
Czech plameňák malý
Danish Lille Flamingo
Dutch Kleine Flamingo
Finnish pikkuflamingo
French Flamant nain
German Zwergflamingo
Italian Fenicottero minore
Japanese コフラミンゴ [kofuramingo]
Norwegian Dvergflamingo
Polish flaming mały
Portuguese Flamingo-pequeno
Russian Малый фламинго
Spanish Flamenco Enano
Swedish mindre flamingo
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