Little Blue Heron

About the Little Blue Heron

The Little Blue Heron is a small species of heron native to parts of the New World. They are found year-round in many parts of the southeastern United States, as well as throughout parts of South America. In the summer, some birds migrate north to breed across the American Midwest.

Adult Little Blue Herons can be recognized by their relatively small size, and pretty plum and blue plumage. They have greenish legs, and yellow eyes. Juvenile Little Blue Herons have the same form, but are nearly completely white!

Little Blue Herons feed on a variety of wetland prey items, including fish, lizards, insects, snails, and other similar small prey. In addition to finding food in wetlands, Little Blue Herons breed near wetlands as well, nesting in low shrubs or small trees, often in colonies with other Little Blue Herons and sometimes in mixed colonies with other breeding waders.

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