Martial Eagle

About the Martial Eagle
Also known as: Martial Hawk-Eagle

The Martial Eagle, one of Africa's largest and most powerful eagles, commands respect with its impressive size and formidable hunting skills. This eagle boasts a wingspan of up to 2.6 meters (8.5 feet) and displays a striking appearance with its dark brown upper parts and lighter brown, speckled underparts. The bird's piercing pale yellow eyes and a strong, hooked beak add to its imposing demeanor.

Inhabiting vast stretches of open land and savannah across sub-Saharan Africa, the Martial Eagle is a solitary creature, often seen soaring high in the sky in search of prey. Its diet is diverse, ranging from medium-sized mammals and birds to reptiles and even large insects, which it can spot from great distances due to its excellent vision.

Martial Eagles build their nests in large trees or on cliffs, constructing massive platforms of sticks and branches. These eagles face threats from habitat loss and poisoning, as they are often wrongly accused of preying on livestock. Conservation efforts are crucial to protect this apex predator, whose presence is vital for maintaining the ecological balance of its habitat.

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