White-bellied Sea Eagle

About the White-bellied Sea Eagle
Also known as: White-breasted Sea Eagle, White-bellied Fish Eagle, White-breasted Fish Eagle
White-bellied Sea Eagle

The White-bellied Sea Eagle is a large bird of prey found in Southeast Asia, the Indian Subcontinent, and Australia.

White-bellied Sea Eagles, also known as White-breasted Sea Eagles, are opportunistic carnivores. Their diet is varied and includes aquatic animals like fish and turtles, as well as land birds and animals like opossum. They also readily consume carrion and will steal food items from other predatory birds.

White-bellied Sea Eagles are culturally significant across several communities within their geographic range. Different indigenous tribes in Australia consider the bird to be a guardian animal or an important totem. Folk stories from the Andaman Islands and Malaysian communities include the White-bellied Sea Eagle. The bird is depicted on the $10,000 Singapore currency bill.

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