White-bellied Parrot

About the White-bellied Parrot
Also known as: White-bellied Caique

The White-bellied Parrot, also known as the White-bellied Caique, is a vibrant and distinctive parrot found in the humid forests and wooded habitats south of the Amazon River, spanning across Bolivia, Brazil, and Peru. 

Featuring a striking combination of an orange-yellow head and vent, a white belly, and green wings and back, the White-bellied Parrot is easily distinguishable. The bird's bright and contrasting colors make it a standout in its lush, green environment.

This species is further diversified into three subspecies, each with its unique characteristics: the Green-thighed Parrot, the Yellow-thighed Parrot, and the Yellow-tailed Parrot. These variations add to the rich tapestry of biodiversity within the parrot family.

White-bellied Parrots are known for their playful and social nature. They are often seen in pairs or small groups, engaging in a range of social activities that reflect their intelligent and curious traits. Their diet consists mainly of fruits, seeds, and sometimes insects, showcasing their adaptability in various environments. The presence of the White-bellied Parrot in the forests of South America is a beautiful example of the region's rich avian life. 

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