Northern Gannet

About the Northern Gannet
Also known as: Solan, Solan Goose, Solant Bird, Atlantic Gannet, Gannet, North Atlantic Gannet

The Northern Gannet, a majestic and sizable seabird, graces the North Atlantic Ocean with its striking presence. The largest among the three existing gannet species, it commands attention with its impressive size and distinctive appearance.

Known for their remarkable feeding technique, Northern Gannets are expert divers, plunging head-first into the ocean at high speeds to catch their prey. This breathtaking dive can take them up to 15 feet or more below the water's surface, showcasing their incredible adaptation to marine life. Once submerged, they continue their pursuit, swimming adeptly to catch primarily fish. A notable behavior of these birds is their practice of consuming their catch underwater before resurfacing.

The Northern Gannet's plumage is predominantly white with black wingtips and a golden-yellow head. Their long, pointed beak and sleek body are perfectly designed for their dramatic diving style.

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