Shy Albatross

About the Shy Albatross
Also known as: White-capped Albatross, Shy Mollymawk
Shy Albatross

The Shy Albatross is a medium-sized albatross that breeds off Australia and New Zealand's sub-Antarctic islands and ranges extensively across the Southern Ocean. It is sometimes found off the Pacific coast of the United States.

The Shy Albatross is a typical mollymawk with dark plumage on its back, upperwing and tail and a white belly, neck and underwing. Its crown and most of its head is also white, but it has a dark eyebrow and pale grey on the face. Its bill is pale grey with a yellow ridge and tip.

The Shy Albatross feeds by a combination surface-seizing and some pursuit diving - it has been recorded diving as deep as 5 meters.


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