White-tailed Tropicbird

About the White-tailed Tropicbird
Also known as: Long-tailed Tropicbird, Yellow-billed Tropicbird
White-tailed Tropicbird

The White-tailed Tropicbird, a graceful and elegant seabird, is renowned for its striking appearance and aerial prowess. This species, adorned with predominantly white plumage, is easily recognized by its long, streaming white tail feathers, from which it gets its name. The bird's sharp, black markings around the eye and on the wings add a dramatic contrast to its otherwise pure white body.

These tropicbirds are a common sight over tropical waters where they exhibit remarkable agility in the air. They are found breeding primarily on the islands in the Caribbean, among other tropical locales in the Americas. These islands provide crucial nesting sites where they can safely lay and incubate their eggs.

The diet of the White-tailed Tropicbird mainly comprises fish and squid, which they skillfully hunt. They exhibit a spectacular hunting technique, diving steeply into the water from a considerable height to catch their prey. This diving ability is a testament to their adaptability and skill as predators. In addition to diving, they are also known to catch flying fish in mid-air, demonstrating their agility and precision.

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