Western Bluebird

About the Western Bluebird
Also known as: California Bluebird, Chestnut-backed Bluebird, Mexican Bluebird, San Pedro Bluebird

There are three species of bluebird found in North America: Eastern Bluebird; Mountain Bluebird; and Western Bluebird. All three are part of the thrush family. Western Bluebirds range in the southwestern United States and down into Mexico.

Male Western Bluebirds have orangeish breasts, greyish bellies, and bright blue backs, heads, and throats. They can be distinguished from similar Eastern Bluebirds by the blue around the neck, which their eastern cousins lack.

Western Bluebirds don't prefer open spaces, like their North American blubird cousins. Instead, Western Bluebirds can be found in more wooded areas.

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