Western Tanager

About the Western Tanager
Also known as: Louisiana Tanager

The Western Tanager is a striking songbird native to North America. Males boast a bright yellow body with a vibrant red head and contrasting black wings and tail. Females are more subdued, with an olive-yellow body and grayish wings, but they still have a distinctive charm.

These birds are versatile foragers, eating a variety of insects and fruits. They are especially fond of beetles, ants, and wasps, often catching them mid-flight. Their diet also includes berries and other fruits, making them important seed dispersers in their habitats.

Western Tanagers breed in open coniferous and mixed forests across western North America, from Alaska to Mexico. During winter, they migrate to Central America, favoring tropical forests and open woodlands. Their migration is a remarkable journey, reflecting their adaptability and endurance.

In addition to their visual appeal, Western Tanagers have a short song that is similar to an American Robin's song, but shorter and raspier. 

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