Funny Designs

Birdorables are always cute, and they can be funny too! This is our collection of funny t-shirts and gift ideas with silly Birdorable designs made to make you laugh! You'll find Birdorable Tits placed strategically on shirts, plus funny Birdorable Chicks

Tufted Coquette is *EXTRA*
Pigeon Whisperer
Born to Fish
Toucans Are Better Than One
One day I'm going to be the Pope!
Swamp Bandit
got lemmings? with Snowy Owl
American Goldfinch: Po-ta-to-chip!
Are Redheads Better?
Avocet Asks: What's Up?
Blue Tits
Chick Magnet
Customizable Duck Butts
Customizable PI-geon
Cute Blue-footed Boobies
Cutie PaTUTI Tufted Titmouse
Don't Mess With WWDs
Eastern Towhee: Drink Your Tea!
Geese Symbol with Canada Goose
Girl with a Pearl Cockatiel
Great Tits
Horned Lark: Cute & Devilish
I Can Has Monkey? Philippine Eagle
I Can Has Roadkill?
I Can Has Snail? with Snail Kite
I Heart Real Chicks
I Love Chicks (birds)
I Love Tits (BCCH)
I Love Tits (EU)
I Love Tits (birds)
Junco Junkie
Keep Calm & Carrion (crow)
Keep Calm and Carrion
Keep Calm and Meow
KonkaREE! Red-winged Blackbird
Loon Ranger
Magpie / Mag PI
Mmmm, Caique!
Mona Lisa & Budgies
Not a House Sparrow!
Oh Sweet Canada
Osprey: I Can Has Fish?
Owls are cool
Peruvian Boobies
Puffin Prowess
Queen Victoria Crowned Pigeon
The Cowbird
Toucan Tower
Tough Titmice
Tough Titmouse
4 designs
Warbler Neck
Who are you calling Harpy?
Who the Tweet is Sam Peabody?
Witchety Witchety Witchety
got redpoll?