Funny Designs

Birdorables are always cute, and they can be funny too! This is our collection of funny t-shirts and gift ideas with silly Birdorable designs made to make you laugh! You'll find Birdorable Tits placed strategically on shirts, plus funny Birdorable Chicks

Pigeon Whisperer
Born to Fish
Toucans Are Better Than One
One day I'm going to be the Pope!
Swamp Bandit
got lemmings? with Snowy Owl
American Goldfinch: Po-ta-to-chip!
Are Redheads Better?
Avocet Asks: What's Up?
Blue Tits
Chick Magnet
Customizable Duck Butts
Customizable PI-geon
Cute Blue-footed Boobies
Cutie PaTUTI Tufted Titmouse
Don't Mess With WWDs
Eastern Towhee: Drink Your Tea!
Geese Symbol with Canada Goose
Girl with a Pearl Cockatiel
Great Tits
Horned Lark: Cute & Devilish
I Can Has Monkey? Philippine Eagle
I Can Has Roadkill?
I Can Has Snail? with Snail Kite
I Heart Real Chicks
I Love Chicks (birds)
I Love Tits (BCCH)
I Love Tits (EU)
I Love Tits (birds)
Junco Junkie
Keep Calm & Carrion (crow)
Keep Calm and Carrion
Keep Calm and Meow
KonkaREE! Red-winged Blackbird
Loon Ranger
Magpie / Mag PI
Mmmm, Caique!
Mona Lisa & Budgies
Not a House Sparrow!
Oh Sweet Canada
Osprey: I Can Has Fish?
Owls are cool
Peruvian Boobies
Puffin Prowess
Queen Victoria Crowned Pigeon
The Cowbird
Toucan Tower
Tough Titmice
Tough Titmouse
4 designs
Warbler Neck
Who are you calling Harpy?
Who the Tweet is Sam Peabody?
Witchety Witchety Witchety
got redpoll?