Common Chaffinch

About the Common Chaffinch
Also known as: Spink

The Common Chaffinch is one of Europe’s most widespread and colorful songbirds. Males are particularly vivid, with blue-gray caps, rust-red underparts, and a distinctive greenish rump. Females are more subdued, sporting brownish-gray tones that provide excellent camouflage.

Common Chaffinches inhabit a variety of environments, including woodlands, parks, gardens, and farmland. They are versatile feeders, consuming seeds, insects, and fruit. During winter, they often join mixed-species flocks to forage more effectively.

During the breeding season, males sing a lively and varied song from prominent perches to establish territories and attract mates. Their nests are carefully constructed in trees or shrubs, using moss, grass, and spider webs, and are often camouflaged with lichen. Females lay 4-5 eggs, which they incubate for about two weeks.

Common Chaffinches are mostly resident birds, but some populations, particularly those in northern Europe, migrate southward during the winter. Their adaptability and widespread presence make them a familiar sight across many landscapes.

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