Pine Siskin

About the Pine Siskin
Also known as: American Siskin, Pine Finch, Pine Goldfinch, Pine Linnet
The Pine Siskin is a species of finch that breeds across forest habitat in parts of North America. They are year-round residents through part of their range, especially in the west, where they range as far south as Guatemala. The species is known for its sporadic winter range, especially in the eastern part of its range. Depending on the circumstances, it might be found in large flocks virtually across the entire Continental United States or limit itself to more northern locations. They are prone to irruptions, which are unpredictable movements of large numbers of birds in a given season related to the availability of seeds for food.

Most adult Pine Siskins can be recognized by their streaky plumage highlighted by yellow at the wings, and by their short pointed beaks. They are gregarious, feeding together in flocks, and are commonly found at birdfeeder stations where they like to dine on thistle seed.
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