These Birdorable Christmas-themed goodies are too cute! Holiday cards, cute bird ornaments and Christmas sweatshirts, t-shirts and gifts for bird lovers and birders.

A Partridge in a Pear Tree
A Partridge in a Pear Tree - A Christmas classic in cute Birdorable style.
African Grey Santa
African Grey Santa - This adorable little African Grey is wearing a Santa hat for Christmas!
American Kestrel Santa
American Kestrel Santa - Celebrate Christmas with the smallest falcon found in North America!
Baby Crane Santa
Baby Crane Santa - This cute baby Whooping Crane is ready for Christmas in his tiny Santa hat!
Bald Eagle Santa
Bald Eagle Santa - The feathered symbol for the United States is ready for Christmas! Ho! Ho! Ho!
Barn Owl Santa
Barn Owl Santa - Ho! Ho! Ho! Our cute Barn Owl dons a Santa Claus hat to spread some fun Christmas cheer!
Barred Owl Santa
Barred Owl Santa - This cute owl is ready for Christmas. Our Birdorable Barred Owl is wearing a Santa hat.
Birdorable European Garden Birds Christmas Wreath
Birdorable European Garden Birds Christmas Wreath - European garden birds spread holiday cheer whilst perching on a Christmas wreath.
Birdorable Lovebirds Christmas Wreath
Birdorable Lovebirds Christmas Wreath - A small flock of Birdorable lovebirds perch around a Christmas holiday wreath.
Birdorable Macaws Christmas Wreath
Birdorable Macaws Christmas Wreath - Five colorful Birdorable macaws are spreading holiday cheer with this Christmas design.
Birdorable NA Backyard Birds Christmas Wreath
Birdorable NA Backyard Birds Christmas Wreath - A small flock of 12 different North American songbirds perch around a Christmas wreath.
Birdorable Owls Christmas Wreath
Birdorable Owls Christmas Wreath - Five Birdorable owls are sitting in a holiday wreath - these guys are ready for Christmas!
Birdorable Warblers Christmas Wreath
Birdorable Warblers Christmas Wreath - 11 cartoon warblers perch around a Christmas wreath, spreading colorful holiday cheer!
Blue Jay Santa
Blue Jay Santa - A cute Birdorable Blue Jay is ready for Christmas! Cute bird holiday gift ideas.
Chickadee Santa
Chickadee Santa - ChickaClaus wants to wish you a Very, Very Merry Christmas! Dee! Dee! Dee! Ho! Ho! Ho!
Christmas Black Vulture Santa
Christmas Black Vulture Santa - Our Birdorable Black Vulture is ready for the holidays! Vulture wears a Santa hat for a cute Birdorable-style Christmas!
Christmas Canada Goose with Santa Hat
Christmas Canada Goose with Santa Hat - Find cute gifts with our cartoon Canada Goose in a Santa Claus hat!
Christmas Gouldian Finch
Christmas Gouldian Finch - Our cute little Birdorable Gouldian Finch is ready for Christmas!
Christmas Penguin Party
Christmas Penguin Party - Spread holiday cheer along with five species of penguin in Birdorable cartoon form. How cute!
Christmas Ruby-throated Hummingbird
Christmas Ruby-throated Hummingbird - Three hummingbirds in Santa Claus hats -- you don't see that every day!
Christmas Western Grebe Santa
Christmas Western Grebe Santa - Grebe wears a Santa hat and baby Grebe has a little Santa hat on, too! Celebrate Christmas in cute Birdorable style!
Cockatiel Santa
Cockatiel Santa - Find cute gifts featuring our Christmas-ready cartoon Cockatiel!
Common Loon as Santa
Common Loon as Santa - Celebrate the holidays in Birdorable cute bird style. Loon swims while sporting a Santa hat.
Cute California Condor Santa
Cute California Condor Santa - Our Birdorable California Condor is ready for the holidays! Condor wears a Santa hat for a cute Birdorable-style Christmas!
Cute Peace Dove with Santa Hat
Cute Peace Dove with Santa Hat - This is a great peace-themed design for the holidays in cute Birdorable style!
Egyptian Vulture Santa
Egyptian Vulture Santa - Celebrate the holidays with this Egyptian Vulture in a Santa hat. Cute & festive!
Great Grey Owl Santa
Great Grey Owl Santa - Just like Santa Claus, the Great Grey Owl is a winter visitor for many bird lovers.
Green Heron Santa
Green Heron Santa - A cute and festive design made for those that love Green Herons!
Kakapo Santa
Kakapo Santa - This cute Kakapo is ready for the holidays. He's all dressed up with a Santa hat.
King Vulture Santa
King Vulture Santa - Ho ho ho! Celebrate Christmas like a king! A King Vulture in a Santa Claus hat.
Let It Snow
Let It Snow - Our Birdorable Snow Goose is featured in this festive seasonal design. Find fun Birdorable Snow Goose "Let it SNOW" t-shirts & gifts.
Lovebird Candy Cane
Lovebird Candy Cane - Have a holly jolly Christmas with these three cute lovebirds perched on a candy cane!
Magpie Santa
Magpie Santa - Magpie wears a cute Santa Claus hat on this collection of holiday-themed apparel and gift items.
Monk Parakeet Christmas
Monk Parakeet Christmas - Monk Parakeet is ready for Christmas. Adorable!
Nuthatch Santa
Nuthatch Santa - Red-breasted Nuthatches like to celebrate Christmas, too. It's just so hard to find a hat in size "nuthatch".
Owls Christmas Tree
Owls Christmas Tree - Owls for Christmas! A flock of cartoon owls perch in a tree shape, each wearing a Santa Claus hat. The birds are: Burrowing Owl;...
Parrot Christmas Tree
Parrot Christmas Tree - A huge group of parrots, parakeets, conures, lovebirds, macaws & more make up this totally cute Christmas tree.
Passenger Pigeon Santa
Passenger Pigeon Santa - Find cute gifts featuring our Christmas-ready cartoon Passenger Pigeon.
Peregrine Falcon Santa
Peregrine Falcon Santa - Our totally cute Birdorable Peregrine Falcon is ready for Christmas wearing a cute Santa Hat.
Pigeon Santa Claus
Pigeon Santa Claus - Coo coo, Merry Christmas, ho ho ho, coo coo.
Piping Plover Santa
Piping Plover Santa - What a cutie! Piping Plover in a Santa hat for Christmas.
Roadrunner as Santa Claus
Roadrunner as Santa Claus - Spread some holiday cheer - quick! Darling Roadrunner Santa t-shirts and gifts.
Santa Bobwhite
Santa Bobwhite - A cutie in a Santa hat! Our cute Northern Bobwhite is ready for some holiday celebrating!
Santa Burrowing Owl
Santa Burrowing Owl - Our cute cartoon Burrowing Owl is ready for Christmas with his festive hat!
Santa Carolina Parakeet
Santa Carolina Parakeet - Celebrate the holidays with a colorful reminder of our past. Carolina Parakeet is feeling festive.
Santa Common Kingfisher
Santa Common Kingfisher - Common Kingfishers love the holiday season. Here the bird wears a fun plush Santa hat.
Santa Emperor Penguin with Chick
Santa Emperor Penguin with Chick - This Emperor Penguin stands on an ice floe with its baby Penguin and both are wearing cute little Santa hats for Christmas.
Santa European Starling
Santa European Starling - European Starlings are everywhere, just like Santa Claus.
Santa Finches
Santa Finches - Celebrate the holidays with fun irruptive finches. A mixed flock gets together in Santa Claus hats and sits on candy canes. So cute for Christmas!
Santa Lesser Prairie-Chicken
Santa Lesser Prairie-Chicken - Holiday cheer will be near with our cute Lesser Prairie-Chicken all dressed up for Christmas.
Santa Northern Lapwing
Santa Northern Lapwing - Isn't it cute how Lapwing's plush Santa hat pushes his spiffy crest down just a bit?
Santa Owls
Santa Owls - Five cute owls are ready to celebrate Christmas with you in true Birdorable style!
Santa Painted Bunting
Santa Painted Bunting - Male Painted Buntings are so colorful that almost any color will match his beautiful plumage, including the bright red on this Santa Claus hat.
Santa Peli
Santa Peli - Pelican has to fly with his neck in a funny position to keep that hat on, I hope you appreciate that!
Santa Plovers
Santa Plovers - Two Old World plovers are ready for the holidays in their Santa Hats and candy cane!
Santa Ring-billed Gull
Santa Ring-billed Gull - Here's a cartoon Ring-billed Gull disguised as Santa Claus. Makes it easier to steal your fries.
Santa Spectacled Owl
Santa Spectacled Owl - Celebrate the holidays with a cute Spectacled Owl dressed up as Santa Claus!
Santa Spoony
Santa Spoony - Celebrate the holidays with our super-cute Santa Claus-wannabe Roseate Spoonbill!
Senegal Santa
Senegal Santa - Love Senegal Parrots? Love the festive time of the holidays? Here they mesh together in an oh-so-cute way!
Snowy Owl Santa
Snowy Owl Santa - Ho! Ho! Hoot! The red velvet Santa hat suits the Birdorable Snowy Owl, don't you think?
Three Christmas Songbirds (EU)
Three Christmas Songbirds (EU) - European Goldfinch, Chaffinch and Great Tit are ready for Christmas. Are you?
Three Christmas Songbirds (US)
Three Christmas Songbirds (US) - Get ready for Christmas with Junco, Goldfinch and Chickadee!
Toucan Christmas
Toucan Christmas - Wearing a cute Santa Hat and sitting on a red glass Christmas ball, the adorable Toucan in this design for the holidays is too cute!
Zebra Finch Santa
Zebra Finch Santa - Zebra Finch wears a cute Santa Claus hat on this collection of holiday-themed apparel and gift items.