These Birdorable Halloween products make a great gift for bird lovers. How cute are these Birdorable birds dressed up for Halloween? Check out these great designs.

Barn Owl Witch
Barn Owl Witch - Cute Halloween gifts and more for Barn Owl lovers.
Birdorable Raptors on Pumpkins
Birdorable Raptors on Pumpkins - Four raptors in Birdorable style are ready for Halloween fun!
Blue Indian Ringneck Halloween
Blue Indian Ringneck Halloween - A Birdorable cute Indian Ringneck Parakeet perches on a pumpkin.
Burrowing Owl Witch
Burrowing Owl Witch - Burrowing Owl loves Halloween! She's wearing a witch hat, how cute!
California Condor Halloween
California Condor Halloween - Celebrate Halloween with an icon of species conservation. California Condor perches on a carved pumpkin.
Elf Owl Witch
Elf Owl Witch - A cute Elf Owl gets ready to celebrate Halloween in a witch's hat.
Halloween Bald Eagle
Halloween Bald Eagle - A cute Bald Eagle dressed up as a witch - cute for Halloween!
Halloween Blue Jay
Halloween Blue Jay - Great Halloween gifts here for Blue Jay lovers, backyard birders and birdwatchers.
Halloween Eastern Screech Owl
Halloween Eastern Screech Owl - Eastern Screech Owl is ready for Halloween fun!
Halloween Eurasian Eagle Owl
Halloween Eurasian Eagle Owl - Eurasian Eagle Owl is ready for Halloween fun!
Halloween Vultures
Halloween Vultures - Four cute cartoon vultures are ready for some spooky Halloween fun! Why else would they perch on pumpkins?
Jack O'Budgies
Jack O'Budgies - How did those little Budgies manage to carve that pumpkin with their tiny beaks?
Jack O'Warbler
Jack O'Warbler - Warblers and jack-o-lanterns go together like birdwatching and Halloween, right?
Kakapo Halloween
Kakapo Halloween - Kakapo and pumpkin friends are ready to enjoy some Halloween fun -- Birdorable-style!
Spooky Screech Owl
Spooky Screech Owl - Cute gifts and apparel featuring a Halloween-ready Screech Owl.
Wren Witch
Wren Witch - This little brown wren is dressed up as a witch and ready for Halloween!