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Birdorable Jackdaw

Baby Birdorable: Jackdaw

February 20th, 2012 in Crows, Baby Birds 2 comments

If you think our Birdorable birds are cute as adults, what about when they are babies? Below are some baby photos (shared via Flickr) of the Jackdaw. Jackdaws are part of the corvid family; they are related to crows, magpies and jays. Jackdaws nest in sheltered areas, from tree cavities to chimneys to cliff-sides. Typically 4 to 5 eggs are laid, and incubation takes about 18 days. Baby Jackdaws fledge about four weeks after hatching.

Jackdaw chick and eggs in nest box.
Jackdaw chick and eggs in nest box. by Patrick Clement.
Kauwtjes (Eurasian Jackdaw)
Kauwtjes (Eurasian Jackdaw) by Maarten84
Kauwtjes (Eurasian Jackdaw)
Kauwtjes (Eurasian Jackdaw) by Maarten84
Kauwtjes (Eurasian Jackdaw), week 3
Kauwtjes (Eurasian Jackdaw), week 3 by Maarten84
Jackdaw by Conor Lawless
Feeding baby!
Feeding baby! by foxypar4
P1030053 by shimgray
Jackdaw chick
Jackdaw chick by Mysserli
BlueEye by Conor Lawless

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Birdorable Common Pheasant

City Bird: Hanam's Pheasant

February 10th, 2012 in Pheasants, City Birds 2 comments

Many countries have an official national bird. For example, the national bird of India is the Indian Peacock, and the national bird of Panama is the Harpy Eagle. All U.S. states also have official birds. But did you know that there are even some cities that have their own official bird? The official city bird of Hanam, South Korea is the Ring-necked Pheasant (also known as the Common Pheasant). Ring-necked Pheasants today can be found almost everywhere, being a common introduced game bird. These beautiful birds are native to parts of Asia, including Korea. Their ability to adapt to a huge variety of habitats has made them extremely popular game birds, and they may be the most hunted bird on earth. At least they get the respect they deserve in Hanam!

Birdorable Ring-necked Pheasant with the emblem of Hanam